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Posted at 1:44 PM on 4 May 2011
Saw Insidious last night (thanks Daughter 2 and Dave for the comfy seat!).

Very much enjoyed the first half; very creepy and certainly built up the suspense, but even while watching you couldn't help but think where were they going with this. Sadly, the answer is nowhere fast. Although they did pull it back for - not quite a surprise ending (could see it coming a mile off) but was very well executed.

Wouldn't recommend for anyone suffering from epilepsy as there was a seance bit that made even my eyes hurt (LOTS of flashing light) - but overall worth seeing.

Anyone else seen it yet? What did you think...
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Posted at 1:55 PM on 21 May 2011
MV and I saw this last night (MV had to cover her eyes for the seance part, but I narrated). Great film, loving the classic horror style of filming and music, but couldn't help thinking.. "This storyline kind of mimics Poltergeist, with elements of Jeepers Creepers".. and yes the ending could have slapped you in the face it was so obvious.

Although I'm liking the little Director Easter Egg (well I only "SAW" one).. and waiting until the end of the Credits was also well rewarded, it's not much but it's something ;-)
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Posted at 3:32 PM on 21 May 2011
Yeah; luckily we had Steph to tell us about the bit at the end! ;->

"kind of mimics" - its a blatant copy in some respects. LOL until that part (about midway through) it had soooo much promise.