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Posted at 10:11 AM on 30 January 2010
What's the "best" horror movie you have seen? These are subjective (do you gauge them by gore, scares, suspense, story, violence etc).

A few of my favourites include The Blair Witch (the ending is classic); Dot Rec (Spanish) has it all - blood, zombies, supernatural and fear!

The Amityville Horror (remake) had quite a few good 'jump' moments... bet I've missed loads.
Posted at 2:19 PM on 11 February 2010
ok - I'll make it easy - what's your Top 5 Horrors (not necessarily in order). Mine are - in no particular order:

1. .Rec - Spanish movie about a TV documentary crew following the lives of a routine volunteer fire crew call-out, which descends into zombies, gore, occult and all sorts!

2. Ghostwatch - billed at the time as a live BBC1 "documentary" of a haunted house in the UK (on Halloween) it starred real presenters of the day as themselves; with outside broadcasts as they were then and the whole 'film' was so convincing throughout - very chilling! I remember watching the live show!

3. The Shining - Stephen King's novel about the sinister Overlook Hotel is superior to the movie; but there are one or two scenes that really send shivers (twins, anyone?)

4. The Blair Witch Project - 3 film makers head into the woods around Blair to make a documentary on the folklore of the Blair Witch, and are never seen again - an amazing piece of internet marketing got this one on everyone's lips: was it real?

5. Dead Silence is a relatively new film and features ventriloquist dummies (always quite creepy at the best of times) - one of the novel parts of this is how all sound is removed as the killing commences... very effective!

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Posted at 11:36 PM on 20 August 2010
The Strangers (2008) - with Liv Tyler. Creepy !!
The bit where the person appears in the doorway over Liv's shoulder. Made me check every room in the house before I went to bed.